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2023 Conference on Diamond Industry

September 18-22, 2023 | Zhengzhou, China

The 2023 Conference on Diamond Industry is going to be held from September 18 to 22 in Zhengzhou, China. This conference aims to foster new momenta for the development of global diamond industry, such as promoting the academic exchanges, improving the innovative capabilities, accelerating the transformation of research results and elevating the influence of the newly launched products.

The conference will feature the main theme presentation and thematic sessions, along with 3 concurrent events, namely the 6th China (Zhengzhou) Abrasives & Grinding Exposition, the 2023 Laboratory-Grown Diamond Fair, and the 2023 Laboratory-Grown Diamond Design Competition, which is so called "One Expo, One Fair and One Competition". Distinguished scientists and entrepreneurs from the global diamond community will come together to engage in high-level dialogues and address the latest technological advancements, industry trends and hot topics in the diamond domain.

Conference Schedule

September 18 1. Registration for Academic Forum Delegates

September 19 1. Academic Forums (Please refer to the "Agenda and Invited Speeches" for respective themes and schedule)

  2. Registration for Keynote Forum Delegates

September 20 1. Keynote Forum (Please refer to the "Agenda and Invited Speeches" for respective themes and schedule)

  2. Opening Ceremony of 6th China (Zhengzhou) Abrasives & Grinding Exposition

  3. Opening Ceremony of the 2023 Laboratory-Grown Diamond Fair

  4. Award Ceremony for the 2023 Laboratory-Grown Diamond Design Competition

September 21 1. Exhibition and Expo Visits