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2020 Functional Diamond Symposium

10 November 2020, Changzhou


2020 Functional Diamond Symposium, as one of the sessions of the 2nd International Diamond Conference, was held on 10 November in Changzhou.


Below are introductions to the invited talks.

Ø Semiconductor Diamond Electronic and Sensing Devices

Meiyong Liao, Principal Researcher from National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

Ø Application of CVD Diamond Heat Dissipation in High Power Devices

Prof. Chengming Li, University of Science and Technology


Ø Growth of Single Crystal Diamond and Devices

Prof. Jiaqi ZhuHarbin Institute of Technology

Ø Research on Key Excipients for Preparation of New Superhard Materials

Prof. Mingzhi WangYanshan University

Ø Discussion on the Industrialization of Functional Diamond Applications

Yuele Cai, Henan Huanghe Xuanfeng Co., Ltd

Ø Diamond Based Nanomaterials and Nanostructures

Prof. Haitao Ye, University of Leicester, UK


Ø Hydrogen in Diamond

Prof. Mark NewtonUniversity of Warwick, UK

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